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Our Mission

To assist young women to transition out of foster care successfully.

Our Vision

Through transition planning, young women will embrace the transitioning process and exit foster care equipped to live healthy independent lives.


“My time at the Institute was wonderful. I always wanted to get into law, but didn’t know how. During the program I was able to meet a lawyer and she has taken the time to mentor me. There are no words to describe what this program has done for me and my future. I am so grateful”

-Girl, WIT

“I started volunteering with Women in Transition by helping girls to prepare for interviews they were going on. Being able to make a difference in these young women’s lives is truly immeasurable.”

– Volunteer, WIT

Our Focus

Personal Development & Individual Coaching

Academic Enrichment

Employment Preparation

After Care Support

Our Motivation

“As youth begin their transition to adulthood, they should have experiences that promote growth and independence. Youth who are or have been in foster care face a number of challenges that can hinder a smooth transition.”

National Youth in Transition Database


maintain placement or promote to independent living


promote to the next grade level, experience improvement, or enroll in post-secondary treatment


maintain a budget and savings account


obtain and maintain employment

WIT Participants complete a one-year workshop series to help them understand the transition process.

Volunteers remind our young ladies that they have a community of people championing their success.

We accept monetary donations and gently used professional clothing for Miss Peggy’s Closet. Donations are tax deductible.

Baltimore native Peggy Murphy developed a heart for helping young women in difficult situations while raising her son as a teen mother. As she navigated mothering, working, graduating high school, and furthering her education, she recognized the immense value she had in a strong support system. Her mother, brother, aunt, cousin, and other role models in her life allowed her to have options and opportunities that may not have been available otherwise. However, having a strong support system didn’t make the road easy.  Peggy still had moments of doubt, fear, and loneliness as she learned to navigate being a young mother working to provide stability for her family. It was during the difficult moments that Peggy began to think about other young women who were trying to move forward in their lives without a stable support system.  This is when the seed to help other young women was planted in Peggy’s heart.

In the, 1998, Peggy first opened her home and family to fostering young women. Specifically passionate about teenagers, Peggy has fostered many young ladies, some of which were teen mothers. While trying to become the most effective foster parent she could be, Peggy learned the best ways to support, influence, inspire, and connect with foster children. Excited to share her insight with other foster parents and agencies, Peggy founded Women in Transition and began designing programs and coordinating classes to teach young ladies the skills they need to become productive, self-sustaining adults.  For the past 18 year’s, Peggy has successfully created employment opportunities, provided professional training, and created a scalable transition model for young women as they age out of foster care. She is passionate and determined to assure that all young women in foster care know that they have a support system available to them through Women in Transition.