Our Work

The Hands On Academy

Women in Transition develops a tailored program quarterly to empower our girls in the following areas: 

  • Transition Planning Phase One: Creation

We work individually with our girls to discover their goals and create a plan for the semester. 

  • Transition Planning Phase Two : Execution

Over the semester, our girls execute their plans through courses at The Transition Planning Institute.

  • Transition Planning Phase Three: Work Readiness

We map each young woman to an entry level opportunity in their community .

  • Continuous Support

Her Story

“My time at the Institute was wonderful. I always wanted to get into law, but didn’t know how. During the program I was able to meet a lawyer and she has taken the time to mentor me. There are no words to describe what this program has done for me and my future. I am so grateful”

– Girl, Women In Transition


Volunteer Spotlight

“I started volunteering with Women in Transition by helping girls to prepare for interviews they were going on. Being able to make a difference in these young women’s lives is truly immeasurable.”

– Volunteer

You can help a young woman transition out of foster care