Our Story


Our mission is to assist young women to transition out of foster care successfully.

We Believe

Every girl is born with purpose and has something unique to offer this world.

Women in Transition was founded in 2004 by a foster mother who saw a dire need for children who were aging out of the US foster care system. 9600 young women age out of foster care every year in the US. After 18 months of emancipation 40-50% become homeless. Our founder thought that there must be a way to empower these kids towards their independence and from this heart, Women in Transition was born.

Since then, we have dedicated our efforts to serve young women in Baltimore who just need that extra push, motivation, guidance and love. We empower our girls to recognize and harness their unique abilities and talents to gain the confidence to pursue even their wildest dreams. 

With the introduction of the Transition Planning Institute and initiatives like The Marylander, our girls are placed into a program where they can identify and work towards a higher education and career path of their choice. 

We believe that every girl has something to offer their community and this world. So, we are devoted to help them make it happen.


A Heart For Young Women

Meet our Founder,
Peggy Murphy

Our Founder and Executive Director, Peggy Murphy, is a 20 year seasoned foster parent with over 30 years of business acumen and community service.  As a foster parent, Peggy created and facilitated Independent Living training to youth and foster parents.  Peggy has been consistently recognized as “Foster Parent of the Year” receiving certificates and citations from the Governors’ Office for her commitment to youth in foster care.  As a result of her passion to educate and prepare young women in care, Peggy created the Transition Planning Institute in 2004 and authored a 16 week, instructor led, curriculum, a collaborating journal, planner, and book of affirmations.  WIT held its Inaugural class in 2012 and will host its 8th cohort this fall.  In 2008, Peggy launched Everything Turkey, Inc., a social enterprise, which provides youth workforce development through summer internships.  Additional honors include 1999-2002 President of Hanlon Community Association, 2002-2005 Hanlon Community Housing Chair, and long standing officer of Garwyn Oaks Northwest Housing Resource Center (2003-2018) in Baltimore, Maryland.

We are transforming the lives of young women in Baltimore through the Transition Planning Institute